OK, so I was looking for a replacement glue brush after losing my old one (long story - not today) and with no time to order one, I got desparate - urh - creative.

I looked around the art stores - no luck.  Harware store - Grrrr. Cheapshop - BINGO!!!    A man's shaving brush - no joke.

At first, I thought it would just be a standin, but it is so handy, and I can sit it on it's bum/handle between uses, it's hoggish bristles are as good as any specialized one I've forked out squillions for, washes out beautifully, sits great in your paw with no wrist-pain after long stints... no drawbacks at all yet, and now I am always on the lookout for great new ones.

Try it - seriously. 

The ARTFUL COMPANION - a new line at the bindery

Beautifully tactile, tangible papers to collect creativity.

I have made smaller artist sketchbooks and pocketbooks at the bindery that fit easily into pockets and satchels, but by request, we went a little bigger this time with the full A4 landscape sized dry medium and light water wash artist workbook.
 They went so well, I went beyond the custom order and made some more in various other gorgeous papers. I have chosen red endpapers that really POP out from inside the cover.

The drop spine means you can open it right up, and the strong Arbelave Buckram bookcloth is easy to grip. I'll definitely be making more of these. You can find them in the shop now.