Back into the kitchen you go!

This book is an Australian school classic and since it first graced Home Economics classes in 1966, has been used, loved, and kept long after the school years in kitchens across the country.  I have Edition 3 and 7, and the latest edition, number 8 is on its way in the post as we speak.

Why do we keep buying it?  If it was a tweak here and there, you wouldn't bother, but the fabulous thing about this cook's friend is that it reinvents itself with what Australian cooks and their families are loving to eat at home TODAY.  It gives timeless advice about the basics and the classics of the Australian diet, but puts them to use in the changing culinary favourites and demands of the modern family.


So, it was my great pleasure to give a facelift to this second, metric revised edition.  It has certainly served it's owner well - no truly well loved cooking text is complete without finger marks, spine stress and bent corners, not to mention the distinct odour of vanilla, flour and pepper.

Details of the repair commission:
- Assessment and disbind
- Significant cleaning of covers
- Corner reconstruction
- Guarding of front and back partial endpapers to keep them as additional flyleaves
- Guarding of first and last signature
Addition of spine cloth and supports
- New endpapers
- Reback in linen bookcloth over covers and spine 
- Attachment of original spine label

**Lori, I'm so glad you love it. You'll get many years of use from the Ol' girl, yet**


  1. Thanks so much, Sonya!! :D So glad I didn't have to get out the sticky tape ;)

    1. A grateful binder thanks you for your adhesive restraint. ;)

  2. Lovely job, Sonya! It looks wonderful and I can see a twinkle in its eye...

    1. Thanks Louise I do quite a few reback recoveries, but this one was a bit more sentimental, I must admit...
      Oh, and I weakened and copied a few old style recipes out of it befor giving her back. :)


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