the Visitors book

St. John's Anglican Church in Creswick is a lovely church; 
a modest, sturdy building deserving of a dignified place to record visitors.

..I'm afraid this isn't it.

but after a dang good clean up and some binder's magic,

in the form of a dropspine flatback hard case,
cloth hinged, 5 hole single section binding,
supported at the spine with linen, inset between split boards
(totally removable by slicing the string, just in case you want to refill it)
cloaked in classic Black Arbelave Buckram
and smooth walnut Bazzill endpapers...
.. you have a Visitors Book worthy of many years more.


  1. I like the final result!
    I always love your process pictures, Sonya. :)

  2. Beautiful and dignified! Xx. K


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